HMN Tech Launches 32FP Petabit-Level Repeater Prototype

Tianjin, China – Sep. 27, 2021 – HMN Tech announced today that after considerable research and development it has completed a 32 fibre pair optical amplifier (repeater) prototype. Combing with greater SLTE transmission capabilities, this next-generation submarine product will achieve capacity transmission at a petabit level, to align with the rising demand for increased fibre count or SDM systems. Commercial release of a fully qualified product is targeted for 2022.

HMN Tech’s extensive R&D activities and laboratory testing have optimised electronic performance by significantly improving circuit design and employing an innovative pump-sharing structure to reduce voltage drop and power consumption. Focus on both mechanical and structural design enhancements coupled with optical-electric component integration has doubled the fibre count from HMN Tech’s stable and reliable 16 fibre pair repeater products that are already in commercial service. 

This next-generation 32 fiber pair system design enables a broad range of applications. It supports direct, long-distance transoceanic connectivity, with high reliability, superior capacity and low latency information networks. It also meets the demands of various end-users for network flexibility and fibre-pair independence.

After recently delivering the world’s first 16 fibre pair repeater system, HMN Tech is proud to launch the next generation 32 fibre pair submarine repeater prototype. It breaks all existing industry limitations will provide a robust and qualified alternative for our customers,” stated Ma Yanfeng, Executive Vice President. “HMN Tech strives to provide innovative submersible products and solutions to further unlock new business opportunities and commercial applications, ultimately achieving our customers’ business success.”

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